Hand Raised Joey's

Welcome to The Glider Pouch! Thank you for visiting our website. We offer online classes, a sugar shop, hand tamed sugar glider joeys and a photo gallery. Click here to have a tour.

Hand Raised Joey's

Because we only have three breeding pairs, we are able to spend one-on-one time with our joeys. Our joeys are completely weaned and ready to bond with you the second they enter your home.

Hand Raised Joey's

It this section of our site we have all the information that you need to know about responsibly caring for pet sugar gliders. If you are a new owner, this is exactly what you need.

Complete SugarGlider Care Information

Find all the sugar glider supplies that you need here. Currently we are only selling sugar glider cages, but we will soon be adding toys and food items.

Glider Art & Photo Gallery

Drawings of sugar gliders form right here at The Glider Pouch! Also take a look at our glider photo gallery.